Friday, March 02, 2007



Don't mind me....
I'm channeling Jamie Waters.

I guess I did 'cause today....
I scrapped a square!
For like the 3rd time ever!

I am really digging Jamie Waters right now & that smokin' article in the March CK.

Dee-light-full (as Doris would say).

I printed off a whole bunch of her layouts for inspiration.

Then I found a stack of old pictures shoved down in my nightstand drawer. (See, I'm NOT always organized!)

Sat and stared at one pic for a long time.
Ruined some lovely Sweetwater paper that was just gross with it.

Finally......I scrapped a square!

So then I'm thinking that it is too plain.
Not Jamie-ish enough.

I go to her garden seeds just to get some inspiration and
oh my
to mine.
Okay different,
yet similar.

I guess I really did channel her! It's this. Seeing it made me like mine more which is so weird.

Why do I need so much validation?
Don't answer that. I meant it rhetorically.

I'm on a square roll now people.

Look out!

DISCLAIMER: The above layout is more enjoyable in real life due to the fact that it does not really have that funky white border that Blogger applies to all photos. The scan does not show the true square nature of this 9x9 layout and while I'm defending it, the colors are nicer in real life too. Just so you know. :)


Sherri said...

I see you did some kind of meditating after all...channeling Jamie Waters huh, I guess it is a start!
Nice layout and fun to see you come to the square side of things!!

Jann Gray said...

I love this layout...will have to look at Jamie Waters more closely -- now that you've pointed her out to me, I don't know how I missed it.

Anyway -- love the layout -- wonderful memory for Miss C to know about you!

Mrs Pretzel said...

Love the LO! Sounds like you are feeling better! YAY!