Sunday, March 25, 2007

spring fling!

This weather is goofy. It was over 80 degrees today and it's not even Easter!! I wouldn't be surprised if we all froze on Easter. That's how it goes around here.

I guess I shouldn't complain (not that I am), because we are enjoying this beautiful weather!! Caroline has been asking, begging and pleading for new swingset equipment for several years. We were given a swingset frame by our new neighbors when the old one left it behind. That was about 5 years ago. It is a gorgeous, wood frame with a slide but it only had one swing and we've never been able to find anything else to put on it. Now I'm thinking we didn't look very hard because just the other day I went into Toys R Us and there in the Summer supplies was a disc swing and swing seat both by Little Tikes. I could tell that they would be easy to install so we got them. (Thanks MeMa.)

Caroline has been having the time of her life!! Especially on the disc swing. It goes round and round, kinda like a tire swing. She was scared of it at first and kept falling off but she stuck it out and loves it. I'm trying to toughen her up. I keep saying, "you're okay!" and "shake it off!" It's working!

By the way...I'm still looking for a new tire swing that can be installed on our set. It needs to have a rotating metal piece at the top. Does anyone know where we can get one?

If you read this on Monday, I'll be at the Dentist getting a root canal. Fun, fun.

Peace out!

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Renee said...

She is getting so big! Are we ever going to get these two together to play????

I'll be calling you next week to try and set something up for maybe after Easter.