Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday with Tracie

My tooth was extracted yesterday.

So far, so good.

Pain but mostly tolerable. Mostly.

I'm drugged up pretty good. :)

Michelle and I took our kids to the jump place here today.

It amazes me how sweaty Caroline gets!

Then we rode her bike down the street. Well, she rode her bike and I walked.

For my birthday, I want my bike fixed up. My Dad bought it when I was about 17. It's a classic.

I sat outside for a while and read my new Scrapbooks, etc. It's delightful!!

I'm in a very scrappy mood. Might have to do a little somethin-somethin tonight while American Idol is on.

I made this pocket page Sunday for Caroline's Valentines. It's 8x8 to fit in her scrapbooks she makes pages for. It was fun!

Well hey - I hope you're havin' a good day too.

Peace out and word to your Mother.


Jill LaFaye said...

Yo..Vanilla Ice..what's up? Ha;)
Glad the tooth thing is over..tooth-aches are horrible.
You should post a picture of your bike when it gets fixed up!

Christy B said...

Hey Tracie .... sounds like you're finally on the mend! Getting out in this wonderful weather has helped some, huh? I HaTe the dentist .... I cringe everything I have to go, even for a cleaning! Hate it, hate it, hate it! I'd rather go to the OB/GYN! I know ... weird!


Amanda said...

Yuckie on the toothy thing!
Right there with you...but it is my jaw...TMJ...ever heard of it?
Wish I hadn't!