Saturday, April 07, 2007


I'm so cold.
I have chill bumps as I type this.

We had an egg hunt this morning.
At our church.
It was insanely cold.
I felt loony for being out there.
Is candy really worth it?
I think not.

Afterward, we all crowded into the fellowship hall.
There was face painting.
There were corn dogs and juice boxes.

Not much else to do, unfortunately, because we always have stuff outside!
We usually have a blow-up jumpy thing and we have a smokin' playground now.
But not today.
Today we all just huddled together for warmth.

Last night, we had a wonderful Good Friday service.

Some of the children did a drama dance.
It was incredible.
Caroline was supposed to sing but they canceled it due to lack of practice.

We took communion.
We only take communion a few times a year because it is so sacred to us that we don't want to make it into a ritual.

It's not just something we do.
We believe it is to be done with the utmost reverance and remembrance.

Easter is always joy-filled at my church.
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow morning.
I can't wait to hear what Pastor has to say.
I can't wait to rejoice and praise Jesus for his sacrifice.
Without Him, I would be nothing.

Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Remember why we are celebrating.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! I love the fact that your church only has communion a few times each year. It is often taken for granted when it becomes "routine".

Renee said...

Thanks for sharing your Easter traditions on my blog.
Catholics are one of the weekly Communion takers...guess I need to research that a bit more so that I can give an educated opinion there. I'm on the fence right now about it, so off to be ed-u-ma-cat-ed!

Angelia said...

I love Easter, too, and enjoy hearing about your traditions. My family and I hid over 400 eggs for our 6 kids, and it sounds like a lot, but we have such fun doing it. It makes for a long, crazy, and laughter filled egg hunt!

As a Christian who takes the Lord's Supper each Sunday (because I believe the Bible instructs me to do so), I wanted to say that I/we don't consider it to be a ritual and it would never be "just something we do". Instead, it is done with reflection to the cross and remembrance of His great suffering, and with utmost reverence to our Lord in Heaven for His sacrifice for our sins. Just wanted you to know :)