Wednesday, April 25, 2007

cleaning and t.v.

I am so far behind in my housework.
Yesterday I counted 10 loads of laundry that needed to be done.
I got about 5 done.
I'm still working on it today.
I just loaded the dishwasher and there's still about two loads to be done.
I know you people don't believe that my house gets that messy but it's true!!

And no, Annie, I'm not showing you a picture (she always says that).

I'm just getting to it when I can!
So what did ya think about American Idol last night?
I liked Phil Stacey and Melinda the best.
I can't wait to see who gets kicked off tonight!
It's getting down to the good part.

And while we're on the subject of TV - does anyone watch The Bachelor?
Oh my word.
Is he a doll or what?
I was so glad he kicked off that Stephanie girl!
So arrogant. Blech.
I think he made the right choices with the final 6.
I really like Bevin too but I'm not sure she's right for him.
She is kinda milking the ankle injury. Hate to say it!
I also like Danielle. She seems sweet.

I'm callin' it right now - I think he's going to pick Tessa ->->->->->->->->
I just see them together.
I think he digs her.
She looks a bit like Amy Grant to me.
I really like her.

Who's your pick?


Sherri said...

I had saved the first episode where they go thru til the end and even though you can't see who is talking you hear the final 2 talk and then you hear one of them gasp when he asks her to marry him. I am almost positive one of them is Tessa and I was trying to figure out who the other one was. I was thinking it would go down to Bevin and Tessa too, but I am not convinced that was Bevin's voice. Maybe Amber...
I love the bachelor, always have. I think he is a nice guy too which is always nice. Travis was my favorite.

Renee said...

I refuse to watch the Bachelor. I lost it after Bob became such a poser. (he was the funny guy from Michigan) I heard a rumor that Trista and Ryan are expecting and they might do a show on that??? Did I dream it or was it real? Sometimes I wonder-

TracieClaiborne said...

Oooh...Bob was a poser.
I think it's entertaining.
I don't think it's a vehicle to finding true love.
Evidently not since 99% of the relationships fail.
It's just interesting and exciting to see the personalities.

Anonymous said...

i pick tessa too !

happy bike riding...