Friday, April 06, 2007

the cross

I know in life we all go through
A lot of hurt and pain
We need to think of Jesus Christ
On the cross with all our shame

For as our Lord was hanging there
With all our sin and doubts
Everything that we'll go through
He bore as His blood poured out

And in the blood that flowed that day
Is forgiveness from every sin
There's nothing we can do or say
His blood can't cleanse within

Oh the pain that He went through
In suffering on His own
For even the Father turned His face
And He was left to die alone

We could never imagine the anguish
Of Jesus there on the cross
He lived for us; He died for us
And all we did was scoff

Nothing we could ever go through
Can ever be compared
So next time when we're feeling down
We should go to Him in prayer

For He will understand your pain
For He has felt it too
He knows the road your travelling on
And He will walk with you

© By M.S.Lowndes.


jennifer said...

That was just beautiful and exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you!

jennifer said...

p.s. You need to check out Beth Moore's blog. She has a video message on there today that goes right along with this poem.