Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do you love Simple Scrapbooks?

As in, Simple Scrapbooks, the magazine?
It's my favorite.
I love it so much that I know all the regular contributors by name.
Some of my favorite scrappers are in there every issue.
People like Rebecca Cooper, Beth Proudfoot, Candace Palmer, and my friend, Margaret Scarbrough, not to mention Cathy Z., Tara and my HERO, Stacy Julian. :)

So I recently found out that they have a gallery where these people and people like me post layouts!

It is SO COOL!
It's like getting extra issues of the mag!

They also have a blog with challenges.
Fun, fun, fun.

Take a peek at the gallery here.
Click here to see the blog.
Margaret's hosting the blog right now and I'm loving it!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new look on your blog!

Christy B said...

thanks Tracie for pointing that out. I love the simple look and use it a lot when working on projects for other people. Makes things go faster and it looks so "neat!".

Love the new look on your blog! Reminds me of spring cleaning ...... don't know why!


stephanie said...

Yes, I love the look of your blog, too. How'd you do it?

I cruise by the Simple Studio a lot. Makes me a happy girl to see Stacey Sattler's work there...cannot.get.enough.


Sarah said...

Looking good! Love Simple. It never fails to inspire and amaze.

annie said...

Doris just told me that the new issue is great!
I must get it!
I will check out your link - along with the others that you sent me:)

Amber Ulmer said...

thanks for all my comments on my 2 peas stuff girl... check out my blog real quick for some FUN scrappy news!

Roxy Roller said...

I am totally excited that I get to be Stacy Julian's TA next weekend here in Edmonton at the Urban Scrapbook Convention. I think I am also going to be the one picking her up from the airport! I can't wait to spend the weekend soaking up some of her amazing talent! Let me know if you have any questions you would like me to ask her, Tracie!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree, tracie!
this is one of my favorite sites...i visit a few times each day!