Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter pics

So did you get any good pictures on Easter?
I didn't.
I'm sad about that.
It's not supposed to be 50 degrees on Easter.
I went in the Sunday School room.
Took pics of Caroline in her dress.
They aren't very good.

I think I'll take her to Opryland Hotel next week.
After it turns warm.
Have a photo shoot in "the dress."
Pretend it's Easter.

She wanted to open her basket.
I usually make her wait until she's dressed.
But I have several years worth of those type of pictures waiting to be scrapped.
So I said, "go ahead!"
She had on Christmas pj's so I didn't take pictures.

I'm thinking of taking close-up shots of all her goodies.
Then a close-up of her in some Eastery colored clothes.

Did you get any good pictures?


Angelia said...

Not very many! But, I'm like you. I hope to take some better pics when we aren't so rushed :) (and COLD! lol)

Anonymous said...

No good pics. Too cold. We are doing an Easter outfit photo shoot this weekend with warmer temps in the forecast!

stephanie said...

The cold weather caught us all by surprise, huh? :)

The pics I got of Emma and the *snow* you have to squint to actually see the flakes!

So, yeah, we're off to the antique rose emporium this weekend for good pics!

Sherri said...

actually i think i got a few good pictures....nothing spectacular but good enough!
i have said i would do the "dress up and take them later" thing but then i never get around to it, so i would rather have something rather than nothing...

Anonymous said...

LOL about the Christmas pjs and the reason is when i was picking out sean's pjs Easter eve night, i had the Christmas pjs in my hand and only at the last moment did i think about taking photos and switch pajamas. however, all that for photos that didn't turn out well. i am still learning manual mode and there are many shots that i missed for this reason.