Sunday, April 22, 2007

I wanna thank you Lord, for a brand new day.

That's a line from one of my favorite songs by Pastor Wess Morgan.
I'm so thankful for every day God gives me and especially for today.

It is a good day to be me!!
I feel great.
Church was awesome, as always.
We had a fun lunch with friends, one of who makes me laugh more than anyone I know.
Then we had a *belated* Easter Egg Hunt at my Mom's.
The weather has been fantastic.
Sunny, warm, yet cool and breezy.
We had a "photo shoot" with Caroline in her Easter dress.
Then we went to the park.
Then Mike rode us in the yard on his motorcycle (more on that in another post).

I took 296 pictures today.
140 of them came out great! Whoa! 140!

Here are a few of my favorites, I'm still in the editing process.

This might be my favorite picture I've ever taken of her. She wore this dress to church so I did a few quick shots of it while she had it on. I love the light in her eyes in this...sometimes when you least expect it, you get a great shot...not sure if you can see that on the computer screen...

A favorite of the Easter dress. I love the look on her face. She stuck her foot up there and I think it's cute...

My favorite Easter dress close-up..

During the Hunt...she was just as excited as if it were really Easter! She loved it. I love her curls today. Sometimes she has curls, sometimes she doesn't. Depending on the weather. :)

My stinker pot daughter, at the park. The reason she's laughing is that she is trying to hit me with her foot as I'm trying to take her picture! The nut.
Caroline and Mike on his new bike. (Don't worry, he went really slow, in the grass only.)
See why I'm in such a great mood!
I hope you're having a great day too.
Relax. Remember the Lord today.

If you would...please pray for my best friend, Tiffany. She had surgery this week and is in a lot of pain. Thank you!

Stay cool!


Renee said...

So so glad that Page did not see those pics. She would have went ga-ga over C's dresses. So gorgeous. Let me know if you ever want to have a sale!

Oh, and good thing Donnie didn't see the bike. He's been bike talking again.

Prayers for Tiff!

annie said...

You had such a fun weekend:)
Please tell me you had a picture taken with you on the bike!
Love the pictures:)
Tiff will be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Tracie! So glad you had a wonderful day! Prayers going up for Tiffany!! Hugs!

Christy B said...

Wow 140 pictures. I'm so impressed!!! Don't you love your camera???

I love the one of Caroline that you posted first. Very pretty!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Miss C is beautiful in her dress. Also like your hubby's new toy. Boys will be boys!

Chelle said...

I love the pictures! Wow in that 2nd picture, you can really tell how much she looks like your husband.

Anonymous said...

sigh...such gorgeous photos, tracie!
caroline is so gorgeous and a natural model.
love Mike's new bike too!
sounds like a great weekend!