Monday, April 16, 2007

pictures, pictures, pictures

I just uploaded 257 pictures from my camera!
I normally don't let them pile up like that!
Here's a recap of what's been going on with us.
Gotta put those pics to use!

Here's Caroline's Easter basket.
Putting her Easter basket together is one of my favorite things to do all year.
Most of it came from Cracker Barrel this year - they have the best holiday stuff!!

I usually get a picture of Caroline outside in her dress before church but since it was FREEZING this year, I had to take one in the Sunday School room. Ick. Yuck. Blech. Bad lighting. I have a little photo shoot planned for this week. It's going to be beautiful. But here it is. She looked beautiful if I do say so myself.

This past Thursday night our homeschool group had our "Spring Program." Caroline sang in the K-3rd group. They sang "This Is My Country." I want to box the ears of the little boy to the left of her. He did that in every shot I took!!! Stinker!

This isn't my favorite pic of myself but I have so few of the two of us. This is from this past Friday. My sis took off from work so the three of us went to Burdett's Tea Room. My favorite. Yum. This pic reminds me that I need a haircut! I need bangs. Yikes.

and here's what's going on right this minute. (See what a nut I married?)
After that we're headed to Walmart and then it's time for The Bachelor! Woo-hoo!!!!!

Take it easy!

Stay cool.

Peace out.

Ignore this one - gotta host my profile pic for a minute...


Chelle said...

Love that dress! I know I was so bummed by the weather on Easter. I plan on having another Easter egg hunt just to get some cute shots when the weather is nice.

annie said...

Love all of the pictures!
Today was J's bday and I didn't take one picture.
What was I thinking!
He better watch out because I will follow him around with a camera tomorrow!
Can't wait to see the banner!

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