Saturday, April 28, 2007


I enjoyed reading your comments SO MUCH!
It was fun to see who reads my blog!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
It's so nice to find out more about you.
Fun, fun.
And Martha Thomas...your comment made me cry.
Thank you for your prayers! I know it helped me through my "stuff."

So I have a bit of news.
Some of you might have noticed a thread on Two Peas about this so you can come back tomorrow. :)
For those of you who don't know...I have a new sketch blog!!

It was really my friend, Sarah Devendorf's doing.
She started a thread on Two Peas asking if there is a sketch blog devoted entirely to 8.5x11 layouts.
No one piped up with one so I decided to start one!
You can never have too many sketches, right?

Now I know the majority of you scrap 12x12 so this isn't exciting news for you.
For us 8.5x11 gals - it's a blast.
I'm taking layouts by e-mail to make into sketches and I'll be posting new ones as often as I can.

Maybe I was also inspired by the very talented and sweet Valerie Salmon.
Her blog I've been telling you about is so much fun and just helps you get scrapping DONE!
I don't wanna just shop for scrapbooking stuff.
I don't wanna just talk about it.
I wanna scrapbook!!

So check it out... I Love Sketches
If you scrap 8.5x11, I'd love to get a layout from you using one of the sketches!
The more examples I can post - the better!

Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

Yay for 8 1/2 by 11 sketches! Even though I do both sizes, I'm really excited about this! I'm all about the sketches right now!! So many good blogs starting up!! Thanks and I will be a regular!

jennifer said...

Wow! Yay for you! Even though I do 12 x 12, I'll be checking it out!

Anonymous said...

Exciting news. 8.5x11 is my favorite layout size. Looking forward to the sketch blog.

Anonymous said...

this is so very cool, tracie!
love it!
how awesome that you are doing this!

stephanie said...

Holy cow, Tracie!

YAAAAYYY for you.
How exciting!

This is the PERFECT thing to get me motivated to scrap again.