Sunday, May 27, 2007

another lovely Sunday

It's been another lovely Sunday.
It's my favorite day of the week.

After church, we ate at a really nice, new Mexican place.
They have lunch prices and all kinds of plates for $3.49 - $3.75.
What a deal. Great food too.

Mike had a gig this afternoon so Caroline and I spent the day together.
I scrapped while she played with her train set.
She played with it longer than I've ever seen her - like 4 hours!
We also watched Sleeping Beauty.
It was wonderful. I remember seeing it as a child.

I finished two layouts.
I love it when I finish meaningful layouts.
My whole goal in scrapping right now is to capture details of our life that would otherwise be lost if I didn't scrap.
I have a little book I'm writing page ideas in.
(Click on these to read the journaling.
The bumpy stuff makes them look a bit crooked, ignore that.)

This one is about Caroline reading the Christmas story to us at her Grandma's last Christmas.

I have been catching up on having my pictures printed and I just got all of December 06 done so I thought I would do a page using a couple.

This one is about Mike.
I tried to really paint a picture of who he is.
I love this picture of him on his new motorcycle.
His Stepfather passed away recently and left his bike to Mike.
Mike rides it to work a lot to save on gas.
I'm glad he finally has a "toy" to make him happy.
The boy works SO hard.
He worked every day this past week and had 3 gigs this weekend!
His gig was in the direct sun today and it was 87.

I remember when I bought this paper, I wondered what I would use it on.
It is perfect for a "guy" page so I was glad to find it in my stash.

Hope you like 'em!!
Have a great Memorial Day.
Take it easy.


annie said...

your new layouts are great!
but then they always are!
i especially like the one of Mike with his new toy:)
have a fun Memorial Day!

Emily said...

I really like them both!

Jann Gray said...

Oh Tracie:

I love both the layouts. They are just wonderful -- bumpy stuff and ALL! *smile* (you know I love the bumpy stuff).

The one of Mike brought tears to my eyes...such a perfect representation of who he is to you...just love it. Hope you are well. Miss you friend.