Wednesday, May 16, 2007

dragon park

So after our little field trip to the Fire Station Tuesday,
we headed over to Fannie Mae Dees Park, aka Dragon Park.

It is one of my favorite places in Nashville.
We would go there every week if it were closer to home.

Annie took these cute pics of Caroline and me.
I have very few pics of us together
so even though I have wind-blown hair
and Caroline's face is red and sweaty,
I love them.

I took a few of Annie and Jonathon. Here's a cute one...

Dragon Park has this awesome sitting area that was decorated by artisans from all over the Nashville area. At first glance, it is just mosaic tiles but if you look closer, you can see all sorts of images. They are delightful!

Here's an overview...
And here are two of my favorite pictures, made entirely of broken tiles...

I had a blast taking close-up pics of all my favorites.
I'm going to do a layout about it.

They also have a fantastic play area and great seating for Moms.
If you live in the area and have kiddies, I highly recommend it!

Peace out!


Renee said...

I have never heard of this park, but now I so want to go. Maybe we could arrange a playdate there????
Where is it?
Keep us in mind if you ever go on any field trips-we'd love to tag along!

Anonymous said...

What a neat place! Where is Dragon Park? I don't think I've ever even noticed it if I've driven by it. Kel is too old for most of the playground equipment, but the mosaic pics are fabulous. Are you guys still coming to BG tomorrow?


Sherri said...

LOVE Dragon Park...we used to go there after eating at the Pancake Pantry, but after my last trip there, I decided that it is too expensive to take the kids there! From now on, I go alone! To Pancake Pantry that is, not the park!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like a fun park to visit.