Sunday, May 20, 2007

easter fun in a basket

I had to take a little scrapping break last week.
Had the crud.
It's gone now and...I'm back baby!!!!

I love Sundays.
What a day.
A big ole dose of praising God and hearing the Word.
A lovely meal out.
Bike ride with my hubby and daughter.
Scrapping all day.
And some of my favorite shows at night.
Life is good.

I found this paper at Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought a piece even though I already owned it.
American Crafts does that to me.
Makes me wanna hoard it.
I'm glad I bought the extra piece 'cause today I needed it.
I accidentally took off some of the first piece with adhesive and had to replace it.
Then I accidentally spit raspberry vinagrette from my salad onto my pink cardstock and had to replace it.
Then I had to cover up the journaling with yellow, 'cause I had something wrong on the list according to Caroline! ha-ha!
It's not that yellow in real life, by the way.
I'm just glad it's finally done!

And did you notice how well those MM tiny letter stickers match that AC paper?
Noticed that while I was carrying it to the register at Hobby Lobby.
Seeing them together actually inspired me to scrap!

This week is "clean the house week" for us. I have it all scheduled out.
Here's hoping I actually get it done.

Peace out!!!


Megan said...

This layout is adorable! I'll definitely be saving it to scrap-lift soon.


P.S. We met at the scrapbook store in Nashville one night during CKC about 2 years ago and I've been following your blog ever since.

Renee said...

What a great way to remember those special baskets. I just recently developed my Easter pictures. Whoopsie. I got a big ZERO on Easter morning of Page. Greatest pic of Jack though. Gonna go blog it!
I'm so scrapjacking your Minds Eye lo's next week!

Mrs Pretzel said...

I feel like I fell of the edge of blogland, and I am so sorry that I never come around these days... I'm not sure how to do it all, but know that you are in my thoughts, and I'm glad to see that you guys are happy and well!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Love the layout! Glad to hear you're feeling better too. Did you see my post about HL having Bazzill Bling and Bazzill shaped paper in packages? I'm going to try to snag some more while they are half off this week. :) Tiff

annie said...

I love this layout!
The way you used the lettering is fab!