Tuesday, May 15, 2007

field trip fun

Well I still have the crud.
I've been forcing myself to get out and do what I have to do anyway.
I felt ok once I got out today but now I am wiped out.
I have barely slept the last four days.

The good news is...
this is our last week of school.
We needed a couple more field trips so
today Annie and I took the kids to the
Nashville Fire Station Headquarters.

It was fun and educational.
We had a great tour.
Caroline must have learned
something, because she told
Daddy all about it tonight.

Here are some favorite pics...It's too bad you can't see that fire fighter out of his uniform 'cause he was hunky!!!! LOL!
(Annie and I enjoyed that part the most. ha-ha!)

Hope you had a great day too.
Stay cool!


Jill LaFaye said...

Oooohhh..love these pics! Great photography!

Hmmm?..you should visit me sometime...

Christy B said...

Looks fun!!!!

Do you remember any of the firefighter's names? Captain Jim Wilson is a good friend of the family and I was thinking he was at HQ? Not sure though. Actually we know lots of firefighters!

Great pictures by the way!!!

Amber Ulmer said...

how fun!!!! i wish i could've come!!! love the pics...xoxo

annie said...

It was a great time! Jonathan told his dad all about it too and has been working in the book they gave him.
I love all the pics! Glad your camera's batteries were working:)
Especially love the pics of cute fireman Barry.

Jennifer Fleming said...

Nice pics!
how did you get your blogger header on your page like that?