Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I'm finally making a little progress on my housework.
Yesterday I got the kitchen scrubbed completely clean.
Mike walked in and said, "There was a counter under all the dishes!"
It had been piled up for days.
Today I'm cleaning floors and shining furniture.
Tomorrow I just have to clean the bathroom counters and I'll be done!
Does it take you more than one day to get your entire house clean at once?
It always does me.

Here's a layout I made about 3 weeks ago...
I just now got a picture printed to go on it!

This uses Jenni's April Kit.
I laid all the papers on my desk and I liked the way they looked together.
I normally don't buy papers that are distressed but I like how this turned out with them together.

That die-cut paper rocks. So fun.
I messed the original card up and had to scan and print this.
I might get another one and change it.
Depending on how neurotic I feel that day. ha!!!

Gotta run...homeschooling awaits....


stephanie said...

I like the way they look, too!

Good picture of Miz Caroline in her element. Gotta love the outdoorsy gals. :)

Jann Gray said...

Oh Tracie...

I LOVE this layout. Even with the distressed paper this is TOTALLY you! You are such a great designer...and photographer...great picture of C!

And takes more than one day to clean my house...feels like I haven't found two days back to back to do it so the house is always HALF clean or HALF dirty -- depending on how I look at it! *laughing*

Miss you girl!

Anonymous said...

this is a truly gorgeous layout, tracie!
love the papers and that gorgeous photo.
about housecleaning...i used to clean my entire house (our first home) head-to-toe, but now since children and a new home, i have a little routine:
Monday: kitchen
Tuesday: downstairs dusting
Wednesday: downstairs bathroom
Thursday: upstairs bathrooms
Friday: upstairs dusting
*now it goes without saying that everyday, i tidy the dishes, vacuum, etc. but for the major stuff...this routine works for me.
i am totally habitual and routine oriented (which you know ;)

Unknown said...

Love that layout girl!!
And congrats on the Sketch blog! That's so cool!

Amanda said...

Love your layouts you have been posting lately! Also...have a present for you for your b-day. Maybe I will get it to you before your next d-day! So sorry I wasn't able to get down there to eat with you guys.
I've been trying to post on your blog for weeks and I have been having error messages come up....hopefully this is going to work! I so miss getting to see you. Caroline is getting so big-what a sweet little smile on the swing in that layout.
Hope to see you soon.

doris sander said...

love the lo tracie! so funny . . . i was talking w someone . . . i can't remember which of our buddies . . . abt that diecut . . . how much we loved it but what the heck to do w it . . . and look! you totally rocked it! :D