Friday, May 11, 2007

miss personality

One more layout, can you believe it??
That's 7 in 7 days.
I'm pretty impressed with myself.

I found these old pictures of Caroline
that I have always loved.
She was almost four.
What a character!

I wanted to keep the page simple
so the pictures would really shine.

Now I'm actually challenging myself to complete one layout a day.
Wonder how long I can keep it up?

In other news...I'm off to get my hair cut in a bit.
I haven't had it cut since January 2006!!!
One year and 4 months ago.
That's just wrong.
I'll post a pic of my new do later.

Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

7 pages in 7 days.
that is amazing.
go t.!
love this.
love those photos.
(thanks for your kind words about luke...i'll keep you posted).

annie said...

You go girl!
I can't believe 7 in 7 days:)
and they are all great!