Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my new favorite thing

I have a new favorite thing. Well two, actually.
They are walmart.com and the Kodak Picture Maker at Walmart.

I've been uploading all my pictures to Walmart.com and picking them up locally.
I don't even have to pay for them until I get there.
Their one-hour processing is comparable to Wolf Camera. Same paper too.
I know this because I did test shots from each.
And they're only 19 cents for a 4x6, matte print.

But every once in a while, I like to have some smaller prints.
That's where the Picture Maker comes in.
I use it to get 2 different pics on one 4x6 picture.
So the pictures are 3x4.
I also sometimes get 2x3 pictures that are 4-up on a 4x6 print.
But tonight I experimented with a new option.
The pictures are *around* 1.25x2.
You get 9 different tiny pictures on one 4x6 print and it's only 28 cents!!!!
I love it!

Here's the way it looks..........

It does crop the image in quite a bit so you need to use pictures that have plenty of "head-room" or can stand some cropping (these were a test, they obviously were not all good candidates for cropping). Also, it's better to slice them with an exacto and PLASTIC ruler. The metal ruler jacked them up a bit. They are about the same quality as a great home-printer.

I am going to spend the next few days planning some layouts from events and holidays.
I take SO MANY pictures that I usually only get the very best printed.
So I'll have three to four 4x6 pictures on a page when really, I had about 20 good ones that I could use if I could fit them all on a page.
Well now I can!!

I'm also envisioning these in mini-albums and for things like taking pictures of all Caroline's toys and doing a page with them all in a collage.

The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!
My mind is whirling with ideas.
I am so excited about my new favorite thing!


Christy B said...

You are sooooo smart! I've been looking for someplace to print those smaller pictures... THANKS!

Hollye said...

Okay...what software are you using the crop these? I've tried to do it, but I usually end up with a mess. Wanna give a tutorial? Miss you!

Unknown said...

I love it when I have fresh new scrap ideas going. I have felt this way when I saw Lisa's album in the garden. I love all the different size photos you are getting. FUN.

stephanie said...

I have always wanted to try a photo collage and thought it could only be done in photoshop, which I have but have NO clue how to use it!


Thanks for the great idea.

Renee Camacho said...

If you follow these instructions, you will be able to do these in Photoshop and just upload them as a 4x6 so that you can make sure you have the pictures cropped like you like them to be. My favorite thing to do:


Go to File
Go to Automate
Go to Contact Sheet II
Change your document size to 4x6 (or ANY size for that matter - I print pictures at home, so I fill up my 8.5x11 paper with little pictures)
Change the column and row quantities to see the amounts you can fit on the document size.
Check the box for "Rotate for best fit"
Check the box fro "Use Auto-Spacing"
Uncheck the box for "Use filename as caption" - unless you want to see the filename under each picture like a contact sheet.
Click ok
Watch the magic take place
On your layers tab (to the right), right click to flatten image.
Save image as whatever you like.
Upload as a 4x6 anywhere you like