Wednesday, May 23, 2007

new goodies

I have been wanting to go to Scrappucino for a while since I heard they got in the new Doodlebug sugar-coated cardstock.
It's not really sugar.
It's glitter.
But you probably figured that out.

So Sherri and I decided to go today.
Gotta team up when gas costs over $3 a gallon!

I snagged the sugar-coated cardstock,
2 pieces of Doodlebug black and white line,
KI Heartfelt felt letters (yum!),
a cute new Heidi stamp and
5 MME 4x6 transparencies. Go me!

I never wanted those transparencies until Annie put them in the Scrap It kit this month.
Now they are my new favorite thing.
I love it that they are so subtle.
It's easy to find pictures that go with them because the design is often only in one corner.

Then we went to El Chico for lunch.
Good stuff.
Sherri's boys crack Caroline up.
Walking in, she said, "You know how you said that I wasn't gonna have a brother or sister and just be an only child? Well I think that's okay. Let's keep it that way."

She loves being around them but I think she sees that when people have more than one child, you are not the center of the universe in your family.

Now we're at home relaxing before we go to church tonight.

I hope your day is going good.

Stay cool!


Chelle said...

Oh Wow! YOu got some fabulous stuff!

kristina proffitt said...

Love your new goodies!! ;) Have a great day! We'll be in TN soon! :)

annie said...

Sounds like a fun day!
Love your new stash of goodies:)

Hollye said...

I've not been to an actual scrapbook store since Scrap Etc. Love the goodies!