Thursday, May 17, 2007

ode to Annie

Annie is...
- someone I can admit my faults to and then not worry later that I said too much
- someone who loves me IN SPITE OF those faults
- someone I am comfortable around in any situation
- someone who will pray with me and for me
- someone who loves to laugh as much as I do
- someone who knows the joy of waiting for a child and then adoring her/him
- someone that shares my passion for scrapbooking
- someone I can talk about homeschooling with and go on field trips with (yay!)
- someone who knows what it's like to be a musician's wife
- someone who understands the depth of love I have for God and shares it
- someone who shares my love for mexican food and diet coke!
- someone who helps me be a better ME

She is mostly someone who I am so lucky to have as a friend.
Annie - I love you.
And it's not even your birthday!
I just saw this cute picture of you and decided to let you know I love you.
I might turn this into a layout.
We'll see. :)


Unknown said...

This is a GREAT picture! Love it!

We love Dragon park too. We have not been in a long time but love it!!

annie said...

oh my...
thank you!

Hollye said...

Awesome photo and what lovely things to say about Annie.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...this is calling to be a layout.
love the journaling.
annie sounds like a very special friend.
so happy she is in your life.
have a great weekend, tracie!

Anonymous said...

This has to be a layout! I'm thinking you need a new album to start a la Stacy Julian -- People I Love, or something like that. Great pic of Annie!


Anonymous said...

Annie is a great lady, and her smile in the photo shows her sweet personality. :-)

Hope you are doing well.