Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I'm pumped.
First, last night, Andy chose Tessa on The Bachelor.
I picked her from the very first few shows.
Love them together!
He had to win her over, I think that's why he picked her.
Poor Bevin.
I felt really bad for her.
She was very classy tonight on "After The Rose."
I still can't believe he told both of them he loved them.
I wish he hadn't of done that but it sure made for good TV!

Secondly, Apolo and Julianne won on Dancing With The Stars tonight!!
They rocked it out ya'll!!

Such good tv the last two nights.
Now that my two favorite shows are off, I can get something done around here!

Did you watch either of these?

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Hollye said...

I don't watch the Bachelor, but I did watch the final show. When I heard him tell both girls he loved them, I thought...not a good move. But I've watched bits and pieces of the show and I've always been turned off by Bevin for some reason. I did like Tessa thought. I was glad when he picked her.

And DWTS! I was glad that Laila didn't win, but I was torn between Apolo and Joey. I liked both of them and both of them had awesome partners that I loved. I've asked Brian every Monday and Tuesday night if he will take ballroom dancing with me. Every Monday and Tuesday night he tells me no. Told him I was going to trade him in for a dancing husband.

Once Idol is over with and the season finale of Lost tonight, I have nothing else to watch on TV. Maybe I will get something done!