Monday, June 04, 2007

are you ready for the week?

I am always so tired on Mondays!
Anyone else?
I just have no energy whatsoever today.

I wanted to clean floors today and go to Walmart but it pouring down rain and too dark in the house!!

Maybe I'll get to it before the sun sets.

I have a bunch of pictures planned to take for layouts I already have sketched out but again, can't do it in the rain!
I guess today will be a "lay around and do nothing" day.
Oh well - I need those sometimes.

To answer a comment by gina bolling on my last post...
I submit about half of what I do, mostly to Simple Scrapbooks.
I've been published five times but it's been about a year since my last one.
I'm definitely going to submit the "particular" layout.
I don't get my hopes up because I think my time to be published might have come and gone.
That's okay with me because caring about it sucked the joy out of scrapping for me.

Thanks to everyone for the compliments on my layout and for not thinking I'm crazy!! ha-ha!


Hollye said...

It rained there? My mom said that we haven't had rain at our house in 18 days. My yard has not been mowed in over 3 weeks and could probably go longer if there is no rain. (No one is there to water is.) My yard looks so sad right now. :(

Anonymous said...

Well, no wonder I haven't seen anything of yours, because Simple Scrapbooks is one publication I don't normally see. Thanks for answering!

stephanie said...

I don't do Mondays.



annie said...

i don't like cloudy days but rainy days are nice.
boy do i wish we had some rain here in Old Hickory:)