Wednesday, June 20, 2007

doing better

Good news.
The Dr. said I have some type of muscle spasm in my shoulder and neck from where I've had my surgery.
Some people get what's called "frozen shoulder" but that's not what I have.
I have just tensed it up since I had surgery until I have caused it to be one big ball of tension.
My surgery site is still very tender so I guess I didn't use that side enough.
I'm going to start physical therapy on Monday to learn how to keep it loose.
Also, he gave me some medicine which seems to be helping already.

Here's a layout I did a couple of weeks ago...just haven't felt like scanning it.
I completed three layouts for Scrap It's June Kit. Annie should have those posted on her blog soon....Scrap It's Blog.

I also have one more I'm finishing up, I'll post it tomorrow.
This one today is just a super simple one.
I figured the pictures speak for themselves. So no journaling needed.

Thanks for checking in!


Jennifer Fleming said...

Swimming will help your shoulder but will not have as much pain as other forms of therapy. I use to be a athletic trainer. I love the pool! great excersise and you do not feel it until you get out, water is wonderful!

Amanda said...

Cute layout! Hope that therapy does the trick.

stephanie said...

Glad you are doing better!
I agree with the swimming suggestion. Water works wonders. :)

Cuuute layout of Miss C and her basket o'goodies. What fun!