Friday, June 01, 2007

happy halloweenie!

Not that it's the current holiday but I felt like scrapping two Halloween layouts.
I just caught up on getting pictures printed and these were too cute to pass up.
I used the Picture Maker to make the 3x4 pics.
Isn't that a great size for an 8.5x11 layout?
I was able to get 8 pictures on the daytime layout!
Go me!
Click to see these larger - sorry they're a bit blurry, not sure why.

We always go to the Square in Gallatin during the day on Halloween.
Here's a layout about last year.
My friends Michelle, Hollye and Jennifer went with me.
We love it!
Here's a layout about our night-time Trick-or-Treating.
I usually do a "candy" layout too but after six years, I'm over it!
The best part about these layouts is that I used up some left-over stickers.
I love using stickers.
They are fun and easy.
I think they are totally appropriate for layouts like this.
I had already used this same paper on another layout but it was the only blue Halloween paper on Earth so I used it again!!

Hope you like 'em!


Jennifer Fleming said...

too cute! love the simple look. your work is so clean and simple! love it!

Hollye said...

Wow! Miss K made it onto one of your layouts! We would love to go again this year if you guys are going. She might enjoy it a little more this year. Love all the layouts. I want to do that with the picture maker, but believe it or not...the nearest Wal-Mart to me is 40 minutes and it is not a "Super" and it's icky!

Anonymous said...

Traci, just love these! So colorful and fun and I love those stickers you used!! great job!

annie said...

Wonderful layouts!
So fun seeing the finished product!
Nothing like scrapping at the jumpy place:)
Must do it again soon!