Wednesday, June 27, 2007

here's what's going on with me today...

- I'm super excited that my friend Jennifer bought a house about 5 minutes from me. It's fabulous and even has a perfect room for a scrap studio. Her daughter is CC's best friend so we will have fun seeing them more often. They currently live about 20 minutes away. I saw the new house today and it is delightful. The lady who lived there had excellent taste and the colors are all wonderful.

- Tiffany and I got to spend the day together eating at my new favorite Mexican place, shopping and hanging out tonight at a friend's house, packing kits. We love to "catch up" and boy did we! We talked a blue streak! :)

- Caroline's birthday party is this Saturday so I'm up to my ears in gifts, party planning, decorations and to-do's.

- My first physical therapy session was yesterday and it went great. I have a lot of tension in my shoulder and back (on my surgery side) that has been causing me pain. I feel good about the fact that it will be getting worked out soon even though at this moment I am S-O-R-E. I will be pulling out my friend, Mr. Heating Pad, tonight.

- Tiff brought the new CK Easy Organization book for me to read. Can't wait to dive into it!

- Got some new goodies today....the best thing only cost $1 each but I'm not telling what it was yet because I'm waiting on them to put the rest of it out and I don't want everyone to snatch it up before I get it! ha! I'll tell you later this week.

I guess that's about it!
I just got home around midnight and boy howdy am I tired.
Hope you have a great day!
I probably won't be posting any layouts this week since I am up to my ears in my baby girl's birthday plans.

I'll leave you with this great quote...
Clarity comes when we are willing to question what we do and why we do it and sometimes we need to walk away, so we can get a different view. It's all part of the ebb and flow. --Stacy Julian


Hollye said...

Can you tell me what the goodies were since I don't live there?

So...if I wanted to have you come over to my house and totally organize my scrapbook much would you charge me?

Renee said...

Can't wait till Saturday! Do you let C open her gifts from you and Mike at the party or do you do that during family time? Just curious.