Saturday, June 30, 2007

it's official - my baby is 7

Caroline had a great birthday party today!!!
We had it our church in the fellowship hall.
I hope I can have it there every year.
With the help of family and friends, we had that placed cleaned up in 20 minutes!
We decorated it with pink balloons and table cloths and Hello Kitty party stuff.
It looked very festive, if I do say so myself. :)

Caroline said,
"This was my best birthday ever...." and then said, "...but I say that every year."

She got loads of gifts, 3 gift cards and $95 in cash.
I hope she spends it wisely or saves it.
Here are some highlights.

Aren't these the cutest favor boxes?
Each girl got Hello Kitty sunglasses, stickers, necklaces and more. Fun, fun.

Here's Miss Hollywood herself, the birthday girl. I love how she looks in this dress.

Aunt Jen-Jen (my sister) fixed her hair in french braids. Loved it!

We played classic party games like musical chairs, bingo and pin the tail on the donkey!

This table and chairs/tea set for her American Girl doll was a surprise from Daddy and me. When she saw it, she was so surprised and said, "Can you afford this??!" Needless to say, everyone cracked up laughing.

Here's the official "gift-hander-outer" - one of the cutest girlies around, Page.

Caroline showing her stuff - literally. heehee (I see London, I see France...)

The Pinata that would NOT cooperate. It fell's on the way down to the ground in this picture but I don't know if you can tell. Next time, we're getting the string kind, no matter what. I think the stick is fun but it went on forever!!!

I love to see the kids scrambling for the loot. They all had a full bag. We stuffed that Pinata to the very tippy-top!

Caroline blowing out her "sparkler" candles. They wouldn't blow out and on this try, she was determined to get it! This might be my favorite picture of the day.

Caroline and her sweet friend, Sara. They've gone to church together since they were babies. She has one of the sweetest personalities of any child I've ever known. I love this picture.

Of course, when we got home, Caroline's toys had a party to celebrate her birthday too. She got Bullseye (from Toy Story 2), Coconut (her American Girl's dog), the table and chairs, the outfit her AG doll is wearing and the Care Bear at her party today. She had so much fun setting all this up and playing with her goodies.

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Tomorrow we're off to a birthday party for a friend! Can't wait!


kristina proffitt said...

Happy Birthday, Caroline!!! It looks like a wonderful party! Good job, Mama! ;)

stephanie said...

Happy 7th Birthday, Caroline!

Love all the pics you shared.
It made me feel like we were there. :D

And I especially LOVE her at-home party with her toys. Emma loves to do that sort of stuff. She and Caroline would be perfect friends for each other!

Renee said...

The pic of C blowing out her candles cracks me up. What a look! Glad you captured it. You forgot to mention about her telling people to not write in cursive next time!

Amy said...

Oh, I just LAUGHED when I saw your cute little girl taking a draw of the biggest breath before she blew out the rest of those adorable candles! It looks like you guys had an amazing time. Good job, Mommy!!