Thursday, June 21, 2007

a little happy

An online Australian scrapbook store is featuring Paper Loft products on their blog today and they asked if they could use one of my layouts!

It's one I did for our store last year so I'm sure you've seen it before but it's fun to see my work on their blog so I thought I'd share!

Check it out...... Aussie Scrap Source

Just a little happy for me today.
A bigger happy is that I've been mostly pain-free today!
Thank you Jesus and whatever those drugs are my Dr. gave me. hee

And hey....if anyone sees this book, by Rebecca Cooper, at Hobby Lobby, Joann or Michaels, please tell me!!!! I'm dying for it!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for you being featured on that Aussie site! Glad to hear that your day was happy and that your pain is gone. :) By the way, I ordered that Rebecca Cooper book and can bring it with me on Tuesday if you haven't found it by then. If anyone is interested, I did see Jennifer McGuire's new book at my Hobby Lobby yesterday.


Unknown said...

Very cool on the LO!! We missed you today. It was very hot but he boys had a lot of fun. We will probably go back one day next week.

Renee said...

Cool lo! I wish you did 12x12-maybe I'll switch so I can scrapjack you. (did I use that word correctly?)