Wednesday, June 13, 2007

meet my cutie-pie friend, Elianna

We went to a birthday party tonight for our friend's daughter, Elianna.
She turned one today.
I planned on taking pics, just cause that's what I do but then I realized her Mommy was counting on me to get some great ones for her.
Oh the pressure!

Luckily, they turned out great and I had a blast doing it.
I'm in the process of editing over 100 pics right now but I had to take a break to post a few favorites of this little cutie.
She's such a princess.
She had on a bracelet and an ankle bracelet! Too cute!

Here's a few more of my the way, these are showing up wayyy darker online than they really are. I don't know why Blogger always does that! No worries, the real thang will look good!....

Love, love, love these delightful cakes....

She's like - "Dude! This rocks! I'm ONE!!" Check out her finger pointing one.

She's thinking, "Hey. This party thing is pretty cool. I'm getting a lot of attention."

Here she is with her be-U-tee-ful Mommy, about to blow out her candle...
And lastly, "Oooh, that cake was GOOD!"

ha-ha! I'm cracking up over her expressions!
Isn't she a doll?


Renee said...

Where was this party? A pink highchair? Do not let J. La see that. Super pics. You handled the pressure nicely.

annie said...

What a cutie!
Looks like quite a party!
Your pictures are great!
as always:)