Saturday, June 02, 2007


Okay this one will get me some teasing, I'm sure.
Go ahead - I can take it!

Just revealing the "true me."
Don't judge me.
(Click on layout to read journaling.)

In other news...Caroline and I cleaned out the toy closet downstairs yesterday.
Then I paid for it later.
I started hurting last night and couldn't sleep.
Just from carrying crates of toys!

I cleaned out Caroline's 3-drawer unit of "art supplies" today.
I threw away an entire kitchen trash bag full!
She goes through more paper, lunch sacks and crayons than anyone on Earth.

Hope you're having a good weekend!
I'm looking forward to my Sunday afternoon.


Hollye said...

LOL...I had to read that twice to make sure I understood it correctly. You crack me up Tracie. I assume that you wash those towels with nothing else? Don't freak out...I wash mine with my bath towels! OMG! Well...most of the time I do. I would say 95% of my towels are white "flour sack" type towels. (They don't leave "lint".) I bleach them every other week. You being "particular" is what makes us love you so much!

Renee said...

I'm surprised you are my friend, but then again, we never actually get together! haha...

TracieClaiborne said...

I used to wash mine with my bath towels but every once in a while, I'd be drying dishes and find a "questionable" hair on the dishtowel.

So now they go in alone.
I wait until they're almost all dirty.
Just did some tonight actually.

I want to do more of these, "I-have-an-idea-for-a-layout-but-I-need-to-take-a-picture" pages.

Watch for them soon. :)

Sherri said...

since you recently told me about this "routine" i knew what was coming when i saw the picture. you are so funny....and i thought your dishtowels would all be white...i am surprised at that!

Sarah said...

No teasing from me. If I lived alone or without my children I would have a much cleaner routine. Left to my own devices, I'm a little more given to clean than most people. That said, boyhood is pretty much the direct opposite of everything clean and I've given in to a temporary lifestyle change. Please warn me if you are ever planning to come to my house. I'll have to call in the professionals.

What do you use kitchen towels for? Why not just use paper towels and eliminate the need to wash and re-use?

TracieClaiborne said...

I use them the ones on the right side of the picture to wash dishes and clean the counter. I use the ones on the left (of which I have way more than this pic) to dry my hands, dry dishes, etc. I go through loads of paper towels too, but my husband prefers a towel and you can't wash dishes with paper towels!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I have my little quirks with my dish cloths and towels too, so don't worry..LOL
Oh,, I bought the movie..Love Comes Softly , that you liked and it was WONDERFUL! Thanks KIM ORR

Anonymous said...

I think this is the best layout ever! It totally captures the essence of Tracie! Can you imagine how much CC or her children will enjoy reading about this in 30 years? The layout design is darling, of course, but the real star is the journaling. You go girlie - I'm proud of you!


annie said...

It is because of you that our dear friend Doris gave me some white dishtowels in two sizes.
You see, I didn't own any.
I am a paper towel addict which is not good for the environment or the wallet.
I love my new towels and am slowly breaking my paper towel addiction.
But now I see I must alter my washing of them.
Oh, and I still have those pictures of your house for blackmail so watch out!!!
Just kidding.
Off to use some bleach:)
Oh...the layout is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Great to see a page about yourself. We all need to do more of those. You definately need to start submitting because your pages are fabulous!

Jann Gray said...

Love this layout...

We all are "particular" -- it just is about different things...that is what makes life and you and me, interesting! This was a great thing to scrap about -- and wow, what a design!

I think my mom had some dishtowels that were made from a pattern similar to the paper -- so I had this visual connection from my past...weird!

Yes, please submit!

stephanie said...

You just gave me the biggest case of the giggles, Tracie!

I love that you are so open and honest about your quirks. That just makes me like you even more.

You used some of my most favorite paper of all time!

Chelle said...

I love this layout! And I tease you because I can. (hee hee hee)Also because I'm totally jealous. I wish I was a clean freak.

I just think this is the coolest layout. It makes me think about more layouts to do about "who I am". Definitely submit! It makes me smile!