Thursday, June 28, 2007

party on the brain

I've got Caroline's party on the brain.
It's in two days.
I still have so much to do.
Find Hello Kitty party hats.
Order balloons.
Order the cake.
Find Hello Kitty wrapping paper.
Why is Party City always out of so much?
That annoys me.

I'm getting ready to go to my 2nd Physical Therapy session now.
I hope he doesn't hurt me too bad.
Then I'm scrapping with a friend tonight.

I stayed up until 2 am organizing my scrap area.
Tweaking it.
Tiffany gave me two Target Cubes she was throwing away!!!!!
I needed two more!
So I'm figuring out what to put in them and I have to move some things around.

Now the rest of my house is N-A-S-T-Y but boy does that scrap space look good.
Priorities people.
It's all about priorities. hee

1 comment:

Renee said...

goofy question, but did you try the Hello Kitty store in the mall? I swear I saw one somewhere.