Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My heart is racing.
I went to the heart Dr. yesterday for my final checkup.
The good news is, I don't have to take blood thinners any longer.
The bad news is, my resting heart rate was 100 and that's not good.
It was 100 last time too.

I am doing a thing next week where they hook me up to a heart monitor for 24 hours to see if this is going on all the time or just when I go to the Dr.
But since the appt. yesterday, it feels like my heart is going to pound out of my chest.

I have been dwelling on this and trying to reason why.
It finally hit me - C-L-A-R-I-T-I-N D
I have been taking Claritin D since the day before Mothers Day when I got sick with Caroline's viral infection.
I can't seem to get rid of the sinus stuff.
I think the Claritin D has built up in my system and is causing my heart to race.
There are loads of reviews online where people say it caused their heart to race.
The Dr. even told me it has "speed" in it.

So no more.
I'm over the stuff.
Now how am I gonna deal with this stuff in my throat?
My Mom told me to take Olive Leaf and Vitamin C.
It has helped her.
I'm going to get some in a minute.

Any other suggestions?
I must sleep and this racing heartbeat has got to go!!!!


Tammy Batson said...

I can so help you ... please call me ... I can help in a safe, organic way ... plus, getting all of those toxic cleaners out of your home will eliminate the sinus and respiratory issues ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Traci!

I am suffering from the same sinus thing. I think mine is flaring up from all the orange groves around my house. Anyway, I use a saline solution. There is one called "Ocean" something. Works wonders to clear you up in seconds. Perfectly safe. Nothing harmful in it either. I don't like spraying stuff up my nose, but this stuff is good. It clears everything out. Now, if you have an infection, the only thing that will clear it up is antibiotics. If you've got green goop that may be an indication and you might wanna tell your Dr. but I am sure you already know that.

I totally came out of nowhere on this one, didn't I? I live in SO CAL and I read your blog regulary. In fact you were the first srapping blog I ever came across. Actually, your blog is what got me into the whole thing! :) so thanks a million!! I am a total wanna be scrapper, and I love it!! I mean I do scrap, I am just not as brilliant with it as you and many others, but I still fully enjoy it!!

Hope you feel better soon!!! Sorry for the long post, don't know what got into me...

Jer. 29:11

Christy B said...

My hubby has had a hard time this year with his sinuses. I think some rain might help at this point. But he uses Allegra and a couple of nasal sprays. I'm like you though, I have to be care because the ephedrine in a lot of those medicines causes my heart to race also. I try not to take anything regularly, but I do have to take things. No advice, sorry. Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one that suffers from it, although mines not at the extreme that you're is.

Also, the post above, I've heard that before. Sometimes you're house can be too clean .... can't say what qualifies for "too clean" though.


Jennifer Fleming said...

have you ever tried a neti pot? a nose beday sp??

Chelle said...

AHHHHhhhh...Give me some ClaritinD, I wonder if I could bounce off the walls like my children (Actually, it would probably slow me down, since I have opposite reactions to meds.)

The only thing that has helped me in AllegraD. And I have to take it 2x in the daytime and not at night or it will keep me up. Unfortunately, I forget to take that 2nd dose often.