Saturday, June 09, 2007

a relaxing, fun day

We had another great day today.
Caroline and I met our friend Hollye, who is in town for a few days.
We hit the usual haunts: Scrappucino, Hobby Lobby and Joann.
I got the new CK. It's the 100th issue.
I was tickled pink to see my friend Doris' layout in the mail call column.
She is so super-talented.
Go Doris!!!!!

After Hollye headed for home, CC and I rented the original Parent Trap and Shrek 2.
We picked up a cheap pizza and had the best time watching Parent Trap.
She asked if we could get it 'cause she had never seen the original.
We made chocolate chip cookies too. Yuuuummmm.

We'll have to save Shrek 2 for tomorrow.
Daddy's got a Sunday afternoon church gig with Wess. (The Pastor I work for.)

Now I'm trying to get up the energy to clean up our salad and cookie mess in the kitchen.
If I wait, it might turn into a dreadful pile tomorrow.
Don't you hate to wake up to a dirty kitchen? Especially on Sunday.
That's my day to relax, celebrate God and enjoy the life He blessed me with.

Sorry I didn't get to scanning my layouts.
I finished the second one but the title's not thrilling me.
Sunday is my scrap day so I'll post them tomorrow and try to knock out another one!

Have a great day!


Hollye said...

Sorry my child was so wild. That was my fault. I had her running around all day without a nap, so she usually acts like a loon when that happens. We will see you when we are in town in July!

Sherri said...

There you go again talking about cleaning....I mean really, who cleans up their kitchen after making cookies?
I had more to type, but I can't stop laughing to do it....ha ha

annie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!
Post those layouts:)