Friday, June 29, 2007


I am dog tired.
Wait...maybe cat tired.
I'm not a dog person.

I've been so many places today.

I went to:
- Kroger to order a cake
- Party Source to order balloons
- Little Caesars to order pizza
- Shipley's donuts
- Old Navy and the mall to find a dress -> ->
- Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop
- Walmart to get millions of party items
- our church to clean and set up
- Backyard Burgers
- my Mom's house several times

Oh and about the dress, we had to get these sunglasses too...and pony-tail holders to match.
All in her party colors, of course. :)
She's wearing braids with curls at the bottom.
I hope I get some good pictures.

Now I'm home, still have a bit of wrapping to do.
I had to sit down for a minute.
I already made the favor boxes, wrapped most of the gifts, filled the Pinata, etc.
My house looks like a tornado ran through it.
Oh's Tropical Storm Caroline.

She is a maniac by the way.
She's on a birthday high.
It's not a good thang, let me tell ya.
The kid is on crazy-crack or somethin.
I'm Hello-Kitty'd out. Here's her party theme and colors....
Anywho....I'll be glad when the big day is over.
Tomorrow my baby is 7.
That makes me sad.
We listened to Baby Mine from Dumbo today.
I held her and she is so big she's almost as tall as me.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope the party went well and that you were able to get some great pics! Love the dress and the sunglasses - they are sooo CC. Will you at least get to recuperate from all the festivities tomorrow? Tell CC happy birthday from me.