Saturday, July 07, 2007

how's your weekend going?

Mine's going good.
I felt a little un-ambitious but after some heating pad time, I got over it.
My downstairs floors hadn't been cleaned in WEEKS and I knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy my Sunday afternoon without a clean house so I made myself clean them.
They were so dirty, I got about 5 dust-pans full of dirt.
That's just from the kitchen, dining room, foyer and living room.
I am not kidding. It took me two hours, including vacuuming the Den.
Then my Mom came over and mopped - my kitchen hadn't been mopped since Easter.
So now you all know how nasty we have been!!! Don't judge me!

Now I only have the upstairs floors, bed linens, bathroom counters and a little laundry to do and I will have a completely clean house.
It's been a loooonnnnggg time since it's all been clean at once.
I also have this HUGE pile of clothes I need to get ready for a consignment sale.
They're in the floor and the pile is about 3-4 feet tall.
I also need to clean out some closets upstairs and get ready to start school.
I kinda feel like I haven't accomplished much this Summer, so far.
Maybe that's normal for us. It's so darn hot!!!

I did get my fridge cleaned out the other day.
Someone had spilled a big glass of juice in the fridge while I was in the hospital.
We're talkin' 5 months ago.
I just now had the energy to clean it up.
I had to take it all apart and it took me TWO HOURS!
I was so proud of it - I took a picture!
Mike said it's so clean, it blinds him when he opens it.
He noticed right away after I cleaned it.
I guess he was tired of looking at dried up juice for 5 months. Blech.

So I'm looking forward to tomorrow and resting and scrapping, after church.
We're going to our favorite Chinese buffet.

Hope your weekend's going good!
Check out this great pic of Caroline I got at a friend's house the other day.
I took about 150 pics and it was all worth it for this shot....


Renee said...

and would that friend's house be mine? I'm telling ya-lot's of scrapping happiness if found in my back yard. She looks adorable in that picture-so worth your efforts.

What size consignment stuff? Do you want to sell direct???? I won't make you tag or hang any of it!

Kelly said...

Hey-- I wouldn't mind "shopping" from you as well-- Abbie wears a 6 now-- anything selling in that size?

Kelly Prang (aka 2kids/KayTeaPea)

Kelly said...

oh-- forgot to say--- good job on the fridge/floors! Doesn't it feel so GOOD to have it all just the way you want it?

Amanda said...

Will you come clean out my refrigerator? Please!

annie said...

great picture!
Caroine is so beautiful!

stephanie said...

Another friend chiming in on your tag sale!

I'd be happy to take some girl size 5 or 6 clothing off of your hands. Hee hee.

Terrific pic of Caroline!

Your ultra-clean fridge makes mine look kinda gross. Guess I'll be scrubbing ours out this week. :)

Renee said...

Geez! Next time, I am so sending a private comment. Back off ladies! haha