Friday, July 06, 2007

I had a fun day - did you?

I have been in SO MUCH pain this week from my physical therapy.
I thought it would never end!
I've had to sleep on a heating pad every night and turn it off and on.
Needless to say, it was not fun.

Well luckily today - I woke up feeling pretty good.
Tiffany came down from Bowling Green and we had a nice dinner at Cheddars, my new fave.
Then we went to Tarjay, Scrappucino and Joann before heading to meet up with friends.

I found some goodies - $1 KI Memories paper, chipboard and epoxies at Joann's!
They had School Days last week but this week they got in the Summer stuff.
The school stuff was in the scrap section but the other was in the $1 by the register.
We were so excited to see it!

Then Tiffany got a great KI set for 9.99 that has over 800 pieces in it.
Actually....she got two different ones. hehe

The best thing is, I finally got the book I've been wanting....Real.Life.Scrapbooking.
It's by Rebecca Cooper, one of the contributing editors to Simple Scrapbooks.
I had to save my little dollars for it - it's $20!! That's a splurge for me.
I can't wait to dig into it and my new stash of $1 goodies. Yay!

I need to get back to making layouts.
I was burning it up there for a while but lately I've felt too bad.

Hope you had a great day!
Mike's been on vacation this week so it's been nice having him around.
One more day and then back to real life of him always being gone.

Happy Friday!


Renee said...

Yeah for $1.00 goodies. You'll have to post a picture of them because you know I can't just imagine what they are-it's all jibberish to me.
P heard someone say the word "caroline" yesterday and she yells-"hey, that's my friend's name"

annie said...

think i need to go to visit our friend joann today.
sounds like she has some things i need:)
it was fun seeing you last night!

Hollye said...

Brian is at the end of his first week of vacation. We have another week. The second week of our vacation is filled with tons of appointments, a birthday party and some work on the house that must be done.

Anonymous said...

I'm still all aflutter from my great KI purchases yesterday! Looks like I need to scrapbook some and use these supplies... Hope you are feeling better today; I've been a bit sore from our Jenni extravaganza. Talk to you later!