Wednesday, July 11, 2007

love, elsie

Did you hear?
Elsie Flannigan has two new lines available only at Hobby Lobby...Lola & Riley.

Here are's pretty cute....

These are not the same lines offered at the scrapbook stores.
But let's face it, they're similar.
So considering HL runs their paper 1/2 half constantly and has a 40% coupon, every other week....if I were a LSS owner and just ordered the first line, I'd be ticked off right about now.

Sometimes I'm so glad I don't work at a scrapbook store any longer.
It's such a crazy industry.

Now having said that, I'm sure I'll be snatching some of this up at a discount!


Hollye said...

Oh my word. I am LOVING that. I'm going to have to stalk HL in order to get some of it! Maybe we can go on one of our little "adventures" again when it comes out.

annie said...

i agree with you - i would be ticked off if we were still open.
but we are not...
so Amber and i have been splitting up the Elsie line.
i now take advantage of the discounts and coupons like everyone else:)