Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nancy Drew, is that you?

Just came back from seeing Nancy Drew, the movie.
It was only kinda like Nancy Drew from the books.
I am an avid reader and collector of Nancy Drew books.
A 16 year old, Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts' niece), plays Nancy in the movie.
Emma is delightful, absolutely stunning and quite the actress.
Still...she wasn't the real Nancy. The real Nancy looks like this picture and is 18.
The guy in the movie definitely wasn't the real Ned Nickerson (Nancy's beau).
He's tall, dark, handsome and confident and this one was blonde and rather timid!
After the initial shock...I moved past it all. heehee

All in all, it was a really good movie.
A little "involved" for my 7 year old.
The plot was over her head a bit.
I think she was puzzled by my explanations too.
But she enjoyed herself.

If you have a girl, age 10-15, I think she will LOVE this movie.
Hey, if you are a girl, age 37, like me, I think you'll love this movie.

Have a happy day!


Christy B said...

Sounds like Ratatouille. We saw that Sunday afternoon. Alittle involved and boring even for a 10 yr old. Mom and I liked it though!

Lisa said...

I think I would love it!! I remember being in some Nancy Drew bookclub where I would receive a new mystery every month or so. Maybe I will just take myself to the movie!!

Lisa Chapman