Sunday, July 15, 2007

simple scrapbooks

I just purged all my idea books and magazines.
I'm down to like 20 books, if that.
An idea book has to be really timeless for me to keep it intact.
I'm still evaluating a few of them, trying to decide.
So today I picked up Simple Scrapbooks by Stacy Julian.
(It's the book that came before the magazine.)
Many of the ideas she still teaches are in this book.

Oh. My. Word.
I love that book.

The mini-albums and layouts in it are pretty dated at this point.
I overlook that.
The ideas behind them are incredible!!!!

Let me see if I can remember my favorite part of the book.
It goes something like this:

Stacy says that she was teaching a class and a lady came up to her with her completed albums in hand, asking for design tips.
Stacy was very impressed with her scrapping skills and this lady was "caught up" with all her pictures from the previous two years.
The albums represented every holiday and event from the past two years.
It showed a well-documented life.
But after she looked at the albums, despite them being well-designed, she was left feeling empty.
She wanted to turn to the scrapper and ask her to tell her about her life.

She wanted to know details like...
- what songs does she sing to her children at night?
- what are her hopes and dreams for her children?
- what are some of their family rituals and traditions?
- what is an average day like in their house?

She didn't get any of that information out of the albums.
It was just the facts....all the highlights.
The daily details and deeper story had been lost.

That was Stacy's a-ha moment.
She realized that she had been doing the same thing with her own albums.
So she started doing pages about the little things in life....
- what she remembers being in her Grandma's purse
- little quirks that only her family has
- songs they sing in the car on trips
- her collection of apple items
- her girlfriends and how she feels about them

I'm so glad Stacy met that lady.
I'm so glad she told me all this through her book and wonderful magazine.
Otherwise, I'd still have page after page of pumpkin patches and Christmas gifts with nothing about who we really are and how I really feel.
I wouldn't have thought to do a layout about how neurotically I wash my dishtowels.

I just love that Stacy Julian.


Jann Gray said...

What a great reminder...has more to do with content than style -- something EVERY scrapper/family historian should keep in mind. Thanks for sparking this thought again with me!

annie said...

Great thoughts!
I am still learning this process...and am enjoying scrapping so much more because of it!
Makes me want to scrap right now:)

Renee said...

I had an idea book from when Page was born-it had mispelled words on the lo's and I couldn't get past it!haha

Renee said...

ok, you know what is HILARIOUS..,I don't know how to spell mispelled? Is it mis-spelled? Crap, I hit send cuz the phone was ringing. Great. I'm a freak.

Amy said...

Hey - I'm gonna Ebay that book! I seem to miss some of that in my scrapbook, too!

Thanks for the wonderful ideas, Traci! I so love what you blog!!