Wednesday, July 25, 2007

sorry, no bloggie

I just realized I hadn't updated since Sunday.

Not much going on here.
We went to the Radisson at Opryland today and ordered our curriculum for this year.
There was an A Beka representative there today.
$372 later....we're all set!

After that, Caroline and I went over to Opry Mills and walked around leisurely.
We went to the Apple Barn first and had apple donuts and apple freezes.
Then, we went to the scrapbook store.
I got 3 pieces of paper and the new CK.
Then we went to Build A Bear to look around.

We went to church tonight and now I'm listening to Caroline sing in the shower.
We just had our nightly war over getting in the shower.
She tries to get out of it for about 30 minutes every night.
That and going to bed.
It's a never ending struggle.

Well, that's about it!
I have some completed layouts to share with you but I need to take pics - they're 12x12!

I'll try to do that tomorrow.

Stay cool!


Renee said...

12 x 12? Can't wait for those to be posted.

Unknown said...

Holy Cow! 12 x 12!! Can't wait to see them.

Anonymous said...

Got your message about the Naproxen; I'm so glad that you figured out what had been making you so ill. Prayers were answered there, huh?

Are the 12 X 12 layouts the school ones for CC you showed me on Tuesday? Those are fabulous! It is shocking that you're working in that size though....

Talk more soon! Tiff

Sherri said...

12 x 12???? be still my beating heart....i am anxiously awaiting them....