Tuesday, July 10, 2007

sorry so boring

Hi all.
I just wanted to pop in and say I've been having kind of a hard week, thus the no blogging.

I had the nerve to clean my house Sat. and I've been paying for it since.
Plus...there was a storm brewing all day that never surfaced so I think that's caused me chest pain too.
I had physical therapy today AND the first part of a crown at the Dentist.
What a fun day.
Hopefully, I'll feel better after the rain passes.
I think the therapy has helped my back today.
It feels a bit better.

As far as the clothes and consignment....when I get them sorted, organized and labeled, I'll let the local gals take a peek.
I'm too lazy/unmotivated/sick/busy/etc. to try and ship them to anyone.
I'm sorry....that's just the truth.
They've been sitting there for over a year.
There's size 6x and 7's mostly.
The smaller clothes were given to one of my best friends for her little girl, whom I adore.
I love seeing her wear them.

Okay....sorry so boring!
Stick with me - I have some layouts to share and a new smokin' inspiration book I've been working on.

I'll take pics tomorrow, hopefully.

Stay cool!


Hollye said...

You know...I finally gave up on trying to do the consignment thingy. By the time I spent all that time getting them hung, tagged and pinned...then with the fee for the sale and the % that the owner gets, it wasn't worth my time! My neighbor is having a little girl, so I gave her about 5 totes worth of stuff to go through. What she doesn't want I will let another friend go through...then it all goes to Goodwill. I am trying to purge myself of all the mess!!!

Renee said...

My last consignment sale I figure I put easily 12 hours into the work and made,...a whopping...
$53.00! I about died. It was new owners to a sale I had shopped and loved before.
You're never boring. Life isn't always clean fridges and cutie pie pictures. Friends like to hear the normal stuff too!