Thursday, July 19, 2007

this week is flying by!

Do you ever think "where does the time go?"
That's been me this week.

I never seem to get anything accomplished.

Today was my physical therapy.
The therapist said I have progressed, so that's good.
The pain has moved to one tiny spot in my left shoulder/back.
He pushed so hard on it, I thought I would be sick.

Caroline has been keeping me laughing lately.
She is just so funny right now.
This picture is from last week, we went to a friend's pool.
She got a Walmart gift card for her birthday.
Today I let her spend it.
She finally decided on a gumball machine, a Highlights magazine and a Color Wonder Princess set.

Oh to be a kid again.
I remember when I would have been so tickled pink to have all 3 of those things!!

Hope your week is going well.
Sorry I don't have anything more exciting to say!

Try to stay cool!


Unknown said...

Dude the entire summer has flown by. Everyday is busy. I am really hoping to get things caught up when school starts but right now it is all about summer!

Jann Gray said...

Oh yeah...that is a great list of treasures she came up with!

Hope you PT is helping. I know from the stuff I have been doing that it hurts like heck at the time -- but I seem to notice when I am out "living life" that there is improvement...weird huh?

I can't believe that school is just around the corner. I had such plans of going and swimming 2-3 days a week and being more "toned." Yeah right! *laughing* oh is good to have goals -- even if they never get accomplished!

Take care friend...

annie said...

cute picture of C!
love the goggles!!!

Renee said...

Page loves her gumball machine. (I think I was more excited than her)
Glad you guys are enjoying the summer.

Michele said...

that is SUCH a scrapable picture - you planned all those summer colors in that photo so you could play with some yummy papers and ribbon, didn't you??


Anonymous said...

Love the pic of CC! Glad to hear therapy seems to be helping you; go as often as you can for as long as you can. :) I think the summer has flown by too. I'm just grateful that I've actually felt good for the past month or so instead of having to spend ALL of my summer recuperating. LOL! Just one more week of freedom for me, then I'm back at school. I'll get back into the swing of things, I know, but the first couple of weeks will be tough.