Friday, August 24, 2007

brain block!!

Help me please.

Okay I have a layout almost done.
It is way simple but I need a title.

It's a picture of Caroline close-up in her Brownie vest.
And another picture of the entire troop.

It was taken at the last meeting of her first year of Girl Scouts/Brownies.
I'm making an entire album of Girl Scouts meeting/activities.
The layouts don't need to say Girl Scouts anywhere.
This one will be the last one in the album for the year.
I think I'm going to separate the year with tabs.

I need a title and I'm pondering these but don't love any of them....

- say goodbye
- the last meeting
- you and your troop
- it was a great year
- parting shot
- end of the year

Any more suggestions? Those aren't thrillin' me.


Renee said...

I don't know diddley about Brownie's (other than I can eat an entire pan before they are actually cool enough to put into a normal person's mouth)...BUT, you know how I love to gab. Is there a pledge or quote associated with the group? You know, like Buzz Lightyear's "to infinity and beyond", but a Brownie quote?

Ivana Clay said...

I like the the last meeting or maybe us the motto "on my honor". Just a thought. I hope you are doing well. I still want to get together and scrap soon. I have some really BIG news....Jordan and I are expecting TWINS!! Can you believe it! I am still kind of in shock. I just found out at the beginning of the month that I was expecting again....and then found out a few weeks later that there were two in there! So we will need to get together soon, because sometime in March my life is going to turn upside down! ha, ha, a good way! I hope! Call or email when you think we can get together. :)