Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the busiest Monday ever

Today was the busiest Monday ever.
We had our first day of school which went really well.
Caroline's workload is heavier this year.
But today was mostly review so we got it all done early.
That's okay because then....

We had to drop off paperwork at our umbrella school.
Then hurry to Girl Scouts for a 50's Party.
My Mom made Caroline a poodle skirt which was barely done in time.
She looked so beautiful in it I couldn't stop looking at her.
I took 107 pictures but of course only a handful are good.
I'm making a promise to myself to learn about low light photography.

After the party, we rushed over to my sister's work to show her off.
Then to Grandma's work to show her off.
Then to Dollar Tree and McDonalds because I didn't have time for lunch.

Then we rushed home to change clothes and rest for a few minutes.
Then we headed to our Back To School Ice Cream Kickoff with our homeschool group.
It was at the park...hot, but fun.

After it was all over (at 8:15 pm), Caroline said.....
"Now where are we going???!!!!"
I said, "HOME!"
She said, "I still feel energy!"

Here are some of my favorite pics of her from the 50's Party.

Here's hoping that Tuesday will be a bit more relaxed.
Although...I am already thinking that I have homeschool, then physical therapy, then a field trip group meeting, plus laundry and dishes...oh boy....


Chelle said...

How precious! What a fun day!

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE her red poodle skirt. It pops amoungst all the pink ones.

By the way, I am also in TN and have been enjoying reading your blog for the last month.