Tuesday, August 21, 2007

got it!

I am a nut.
I completely forgot about the tiny scrapbook store here in my own town - Timeless Reflection.
So I called them today and asked if they got in the new BG Mellow and sure enough...they did!!

I bought $12 worth.
I am glad I ended up getting it there because I found out the store on the other side of town only got 6 of the papers, no die cuts and no letters!
The die cut sheet is adorable, see? ->->->->->->
I don't think I'd want the paper without it and the letters.
Those little kids are just too cute!
It makes me want Fall to come quickly.

I also got most of the paper and two letter sheets.

She had the rub-ons too but I didn't splurge.
She's getting in the chipboard and it has the little people so I might have to get that too!!!
I just love this line!

Well tonight is my favorite t.v. night right now because The Singing Bee is on.
Do you watch it?
I love it!
I sing at the top of my lungs along with it.
I'm going to sing and scrap and sing and scrap some more.


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found that Basic Grey stuff! (I'm also glad that your local store was open long enough for you to go get it. LOL!) I'm thinking of placing an online order for some of the stuff I want from CHA. Maybe if I order today, it will get here this weekend and I can use it to scrap... Thinking about it anyway.