Thursday, August 09, 2007


My hernia has been acting up lately.
I was taking Naproxen for my chest pain and it aggravated my stomach.
I went through about two weeks of nausea and now I'm having to sit up every night on the couch to keep from having acid attacks.
Needless to say, I'm tired.

So I just talked to a friend of mine who works for my stomach Dr.
She is giving me a new medicine and told me to stay away from:

- citrus fruits and drinks
- caffeine (including chocolate)
- carbonated drinks
- peppermint
- onions

Okay I can do it all but the carbonated part.
No Diet Coke???????

I have always known I shouldn't eat certain things because of my hernia.
But I think I missed the part about caffeine and carbonation.
I thought it was more obvious things like tomatoes and orange juice.

So what's your favorite non-carbonated, non-caffeine, non-citrus drink?
Right now all that springs to mind is decaf sweet tea.


Mrs Pretzel said...

How 'bout FLAT decaf diet coke? lol

TracieClaiborne said...

LOL Rachel!

I found one out myself tonight -- Wild Cherry Icee. Yum.

Sarah said...

Wine maybe? Kidding. Do you like Crystal Light? I have developed a habit of those Crystal Light Fruit Punch packs that are portioned for a bottle of water. I alternate one of those with glasses of plain ice water all day.

There's also some various tea flavors too.

I'm supposed to be avoiding caffeine too but it's not easy!

Unknown said...

We are all really enjoying gatorade right now. We are actually choosing that over sodas...and that is major for us. Walmart has the cute little bottles of it on sale.

Pam said...

I was going to say Gatorade too. I love orange and fruit punch, I don't really care for any of the other ones. My dr. told me to drink it few years ago for the potassium. I wish I could give up my coke though, I would lose so much weight because, of course I drink real coke, LOL! I drink tons of it too. :(

Pam said...

I also meant to say I don't think the orange in Gatorade would bother you like orange juice, all citrus gives me terrible heart burn, but orange gatorade has never bothered me.

Angelia said...

I like grape Propel - very light and fresh. Only 25 calories a bottle too.