Monday, August 20, 2007

kinda mad

So this morning I got up earlier than usual.
My friend, Jennifer, and I headed out across town to Scrap N Memories.
I had received an e-mail from the owner last week.
It said she had gotten in the new Basic Grey Mellow line.

So we headed out with our kids in tow.
We get there, all excited to shop and IT IS CLOSED!!!!!

I was so disappointed!!!!!
I used a 1/4 tank of gas and drove an hour and a half round trip for nothing.

Plus CKU is this weekend so I'm sure if I don't go back, it will be gone.
I know how those CKU gals like to shop the local stores.

To be honest, I'm pretty ticked off at the scrapbook store situation around here right now.
I miss Scrap It.
I miss being able to KNOW that my favorite lines will be available.
KI Memories, SEI and Doodlebug are really the only lines I care about and no store around here is carrying a full line from any of those companies.
Which is odd to me because those were three of our top sellers.

So I know I won't be getting my top 3 but I do love the new Mellow BG line.
The store I normally shop at is Scrappucino.
But they told me last week they didn't order ANY Basic Grey (which I must say, shocked me).
So I was willing to drive 45 minutes across town to get my BG fix.
Then I get there and she's closed?
Why is she closed on a Monday?
She is open on Sunday.

I have been to at least 30 scrapbook stores and I've never heard of any of them being closed on Monday.
I've never noticed that in any of her e-mails either.
I think that should be in huge bold letters.

So I guess I'm kinda mad.
I have Girl Scouts after school tomorrow so I can't go again unless it's between school and church on Wednesday and I don't know if it's worth it.

I know all of you are thinking, "order online!" but I like to see it in person.
It's not the same.
I miss my scrapbook store.


Sarah said...

So sorry. I think she's probably closed on Monday because she does open on Sunday. Everybody needs a day to rest.

When Rebecca Sower's store was in Springfield--it was closed on Mondays. I made the same mistake more than once, driving up there.


Tammy Batson said...

I agree... most businesses that have their doors open on Sundays are generally closed on Mondays ... frustrating I know ... our Sweet N Sassy on White Bridge Rd. is like that! And I remember building LeAnna up for Sweet N Sassy one Monday ... got there and it was closed! And a (3 year old at the time) doesn't understand that! ha! OH well ... Maybe call next time before making the trip ... =) Hope today is better ... tammy