Friday, August 24, 2007

new do

I had to run an errand today and it was too hot to blow-dry my hair so I just went out with it wet.
I was just going in one place.
Whilst I was out (that's country-bumpkin talk for "while I was out")
I decided to swing by Great Clips and get a hair cut!!!

I like it!
It's VERY short.
A lot shorter than I meant for it to be.

I had a laugh taking self-portraits to show you.
Trying to get a good pic out of Caroline or her Daddy is impossible.
So it's up to me.
I couldn't narrow it down to just one so here ya go.
Remember here's how it was before...(from my Mom cutting it)....

And here it is nice!


Sylvie said...

Hey Tracie, you look pretty with both the long and shorter versions. The shorter one makes you even younger, actually, and the longer gives a more feminine look. But both of them suit you well :)

Emily said...

I think the short is very flattering! It's so fun to get a new 'do!

Renee said...

I really like it. Isn't a change wonderful? My fav photo is the last one.

annie said...

i love it!
looks so young and hip!
it has been a long time since your hair was that short - but how fun!
love all of the pictures too - i can just see you in front of the mirror posing and laughing:)

jennifer said...

Wow! I love it! How brave of you! I agree with the other comments - it is very hip and young looking!

Unknown said...

I love it too!!! Very stylish.

stephanie said...

YOu do look even younger and hip-per. (I just made that up-lol)

Love, love, LOVE it, Tracie!