Wednesday, August 15, 2007

tired tuesday

It's 10:02 and my eyes are going together so I'll make this brief.

We've started something new this year with our school day.
I bought a Bible curriculum that has a cd and songbook.
We are enjoying it so much!
We start our day with the pledge, a song (using the cd as a guide), then prayer, a memory verse, a bible story and more songs.
In the past I have attempted to do all of this but we often let it slide.
We would start out the year saying the pledge but we didn't say it every day.
We would pray sometimes and sing sometimes but we didn't have a routine.
All our other subjects had a teachers manual but I never had one for Bible.
Now I have one! Yay!
It tells me exactly what to do every day, what to sing, etc. I love that.
I'm glad we are starting our day right now.
In fact, it really makes homeschooling more like I meant for it to be.
And all it took was about $40 worth of curriculum and a little discipline.
I'm irritated at myself for not doing it in K and 1st but I'm movin' on!

I got a call from the Dr. today.
I had blood work done last week.
My iron is severely low.
Which explains why I'm about to fall asleep all the time.
I'm on 3 pills a day now. Just what I need...more pills!
By the grace of God, they said all my other tests came out fine.

We joined a new homeschool group tonight.
It's in addition to the one we have always been in.
This new group does a field trip every Friday and they are awesome!
We're going to Kentucky Down Under, the Parthenon, Mammoth Cave,
the new Creation Museum, AL Space and Rocket Center and more!
By sweet friend, Annie, joined too so we can carpool.

I'm pooped.
This was longer than I meant it to be.
You know how I do!!!!


Hollye said...

What curriculum are you using this year? I am still on the fence about homeschooling. Brian isn't even considering it.

TracieClaiborne said...

We're using A Beka.
We used it last year and LOVE IT.
Annie uses it too.
The only other one we use is Math-U-See because it's so awesome.
We didn't buy A Beka math.
Homeschooling rocks. :)
I hope you decide to do it!
It's time well spent.
The best part is being together, having fun together and the freedom.

Chelle said...

So what is this Bible curriculum you are using?

Chelle said...

I have low iron problems too. (more so when I was pregnant) Taking all that iron is hard! Wow 3 a day! If I remember correctly I only had to take 2.

I have real problems around my period. I had to stop taking my multi-vitamin with iron, which makes me exhausted. But if I do take the iron then I have seriously painful periods that leave me incompacitated for at least a whole day.

I feel for you! I hope that it helps and is not too hard on you!