Sunday, September 23, 2007

been scrappin'

Hey ya'll.
I've been scrappin today.

After church, my sister took Caroline over to our Aunt's house to see family.
So I had a blissful few hours alone.
Mike was napping.
Caroline was gone so no non-stop chatter.
Just me, Andy, Barney and Opie.


The September Scrap It kit was sitting on my desk, just begging to be used.
It features one of my favorite paper companies, American Crafts.
I made some of my quickest layouts ever!!

This first one's a tribute to my Mom.
What a year we've had together. I couldn't have made it without her.

This next one is about our favorite couple, Ann and Bill Kelly.
As most of you know, I worked for them at their store.
Over the years, our friendship has grown so deep.
I truly love them like family. Mike does too!! He and Bill really dig each other.
I try to talk to Annie almost every day and Bill and Mike see each other often.
Looking thru my pics for a family picture, I saw this one and knew it would work!
These 7 Gypsies rub-ons are the bomb! They go on very quickly.

Okay so I still have a ton of this kit laying on my desk: rub-ons, crocheted flowers, Queen and Co. rhinestones, cardstock, more patterned paper, some of that nifty Q&Co. felt and chipboard.

I'm gonna brainstorm tonight and see what else I can come up with!
Hope you like these!!


Ivana Clay said...

Loved you layout about your mom. Makes me miss mine, but also want to be the best one I can to Kyndall and the twins that are still to come. Thanks for that reminder! Hope you have a great monday!


Renee said...

those are great. I'm beginning to feel the need to scrap. Instead, I'm reading blogs.

We've never been to the main library. I so don't like leaving my comfort zone. Maybe we can meet up somewhere and go together?