Tuesday, September 11, 2007

still groggy

Everything went well with my procedures today.
I was mostly worried about the I.V. and it was nothing. Whew.
I got home around 2ish and went straight to bed.
Mike went to the Nissan place to pick up his truck that had been worked on.
When he got there, the battery was dead and it wouldn't start.
While he was gone, my friend brought Caroline home.
She rang and rang the doorbell and I was so out of it, I didn't know Mike was gone!
So my poor friend got stuck with my child until 6:30! Sorry Jennifer!

The Dr. said everything looks good upper and lower.
I've been having stomach issues and losing iron but they didn't find any explanation why.
So the Dr. gave me an anti-infection drug just in case.

My throat is still sore from my upper scope.

Well...I'm just glad it's over.
Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful - a high of 80!
That's a welcome change!
I'm heading to the mall after schoolwork to get Caroline some jeans.
I hope I can find some.
I have the hardest time finding pants for her.
She is skinny all over, except her little pudgy tummy. :)

My field trip for Thursday has been cancelled and I can't say that I'm sorry!
I need a day to do housework and play catch-up.

I hope you're having a good week.
Thanks for checking in and if you prayed for me, thank you.
I know God helped me through the last two days. God is so great.


annie said...

i thought of you a lot yesterday ~ hope you had a wonderful groggy medicated rest:)
glad it all went well and that the tests are over with ~
also so glad that everything was fine!
i am a little happy about the field trip being cancelled too ~ thursday just didn't work as well as friday.
talk to you soon...happy shopping:)

Ivana Clay said...

Glad to hear that you got a good report...also that you got some rest! :) Have a good Wednesday!